Cinema Therapy

“Cinema can engage people at a very deep level. It can move beyond traditional talk therapies because it’s multi-sensory and can quickly trigger perceptual, cognitive, and emotional processes.”
Bronwyn Robertson

In the right context, movies can be an incredible catalyst for growth, change, and healing. Cinema therapy is an expressive, sensory-based therapy that uses film as a therapeutic tool to help us better understand ourselves, our emotions, and our world. 

In this group, we will meet weekly to discuss a specific film, exploring characters, plots, images, and scenes, and reflecting on the various thoughts and emotions each film evokes. Through supportive discussion and interaction with other group members, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your own empathy, mindfulness, and emotional awareness, to discover new ways of thinking and feeling about things, and to learn how to better use film (and art in general) as a tool for self-growth.

How It Works

  • Cost: $40/session, with an initial 6 week commitment. New members are welcome to join the group every 6 weeks, if a free spot opens up.
  • The group will be limited to 5 members at a time, and will meet for one hour each week.
  • Group members will watch a specific movie at home each week, prior to our meeting. The films will range widely in content, theme, genre, and tone.
  • Movie expertise is not required.

The next Cinema Therapy group will begin once I’ve returned to the office (currently, I’m working entirely via telehealth due to COVID-19). To find out more about the group, or to be notified when the next group will be scheduled, please contact me directly via email, or complete the form below.